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Empowering Futures: Highlights from Our Inaugural River District Job Fair

Thirty minutes before the River District Job Fair at Mirasol Village even began, anticipation was already building as a line formed outside. Individuals, accompanied by their case managers, friends, and family, stood together, resumes in hand and hope in their hearts, ready to seize new opportunities.

Inside, 24 employers and employment support agencies were setting up their tables. Participants included Northern California Construction Training, Select Staffing, California Conservation Corps, American River College, Sacramento Library, Sacramento County, The Salvation Army, Star Staffing, WEAVE, ARI Community Services, Center for Workers' Rights, Women's Empowerment, Safe Credit Union, Juma, SETA, Department of Rehabilitation, PRIDE Industries, Downtown Streets Team, People Ready, City of Sacramento, 3Strands, Blue Diamond, Northern Sacramento Family Resource Center, and FedEx.

At 10 AM, the doors opened, and the room quickly filled with conversations. Before entering, attendees answered a few questions. Although the event was targeted at individuals at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness, it was open to the entire community. Of those who participated, 53% were unhoused, with the remainder being community members seeking employment.

We were interested in the educational background of the attendees, as it often affects employment opportunities. Impressively, 85% had earned a high school diploma or higher, and nearly 9% held a bachelor’s degree.

When asked about their job preferences, many expressed openness, with high interest in customer service, warehouse, and janitorial positions.

We also inquired about the support they needed to find employment. About 40% sought job search assistance, over 30% needed help with resumes and interview preparation, and nearly 50% required transportation assistance—a common barrier for our clients.

Employment statuses varied, with 42% currently employed and 29% having been unemployed for over seven months.

The diversity of attendees was evident, yet they shared a common motivation to work and seek support. Many left with smiles, hopeful about the steps they were taking towards employment.  With a total of 157 individuals actively engaged in the event, we are excited about the impact we've made and look forward to partnering with The River District again to offer more opportunities to our community.

Thank you to all the organizations that participated and made this possible!



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