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North A Street

The North A Street Rehousing Program operates with the collaborative support of the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County. First Step Communities operates several functions under this program. The services component of our program provides case management services. We work with our clients to set up goals which can place them in permanent housing.

To Accomplish This We...

- Helps Clients Set Goals

- Acquire appropriate government identification documents

- Acquire income as qualified

- Sign Up for Insurance

- Work Through Their Legal Issues

- Acquire Primary HealthCare

- Behavior Health Counseling 

- Housing Counseling

- Other Services as Required

      Elica health

Elica Health provides health services to our guests on certain days each week.  They have health care providers and administrative staff at our Main Intake site and provide direct services as well as referrals as needed. 


They have honed their services to support low-income and homeless individuals.  When we have confirmation of which nights Elica will be there, we will publish them.

sanitation program

The sanitation component allows us to open our doors 7 days per week from 7:00am to 10:00pm, allowing community members to use our restroom facilities. Additionally during the opening hours up to 9:30pm


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