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Adopt A Cabin Program

Turn a cabin into a home

Empower a young person's journey towards a brighter future at The Grove by sponsoring their temporary home as they rebuild their lives.

We are thrilled to share that all 50 cabins have been adopted for 2024! We are still accepting donations for our Community Fund - see below!

The Grove's Community Fund

Support the Adopt a Cabin project by donating to our Community Fund! These funds support our gardening and two community spaces at The Grove. 

What is the Adopt a Cabin Program?

This program was designed to empower a young person's journey towards a brighter future by allowing the community to sponsor their temporary home at The Grove as they rebuild their lives. With Phase 1 and 2 successfully completed, we've built 50 tiny cabins that provide shelter along with supportive services. This program allows us to complete Phase 3, where we aim to turn each cabin into more than a safe place to sleep, but a home. By creating a more nurturing space, we will invite even more growth and transformation.


How will your adoption help?

Adopt a cabin at The Grove as an individual or through your organization. Your sponsorship will be dedicated to essential repairs, ongoing maintenance, and the creation of a welcoming porch area. Northern California Construction Training and HomeAid will support these efforts. Your name or logo will be displayed on the cabin and you will receive regular updates on the progress of your cabin(s)!

2024 Adoption Levels

1 Cabin

3 Cabins

5 Cabins

5+ Cabins

Bronze Sponsorship


Silver Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship



The Grove Services 

Case management 

Weekly therapy onsite with

Life Practice Counseling Group

6-week Ready to Rent


Rapid Rehousing 


Weekly Groups

Connections with mental

health services

Employment Support

Narcotics Anonymous

 Meetings Onsite

Onsite medical services

with Wellness

without Walls


Thank you to our partners!

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