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Our Mission

First Step Communities will create interim housing  and emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness. Here they will  live  in safety and dignity, receive the services they require, and take a first-step away from homelessness toward self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

1 St Annual
First Step COmmunities - River District
Health Fair
Saturday, September 30
1400 North a Street

A day of care, connection, and community, featuring essential services from local organizations and a complimentary lunch for people experiencing homelessness in the River District. 

In need of shelter?

Dial 2-1-1 or 1-916-498-1000 or 1-844-546-1464 (toll-free) for a shelter assessment. Click below to learn more about Sacramento 211 or explore other resources in the community. 

Our Services

First Step Communities' programs are designed to be accessible to all, with a commitment to providing support to everyone who needs it. We prioritize removing barriers and facilitating connections for individuals to access the support they require.

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Personal Hygiene

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Temporary Shelter

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Case Management

Supportive Groups

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Health Care Connections

Together we can make a difference!

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