The Sleeping Cabins: The First Step Communities site will be located on a  parcel of public land that First Step will access through a long-term lease from the City of Sacramento. Sleeping cabins will be designed to provide individuals or couples privacy and dignity in temporary housing. These cabins are designed to be highly energy efficient, provide off-the-grid solar power, and meet appropriate building standards. The site layout will encourage community member interaction and mutual assistance.  To accomplish this the cabins will be connected by walking paths to encourage relationships among neighbors, while still providing individual privacy and dignity. The cabins are moveable, modular structures, designed by local architects and Habitat for Humanity. They can be built locally and assembled where built or in the field. The projected cost of a cabin is $6,600.00 ($7500.00 furnished), based on estimates from developers, construction experts, and Habitat for Humanity. If the leased parcel is no longer needed at a future date and after the lease expires, the cabins can be moved to a site where they are needed and the city would retain the site with the community center and medical clinic.

Concept Rendering of First Step Communities Sleeping Cabin

Possible FSC Locations

Districts 2, 5 and 8 have all expressed interest in having sites

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